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"Santarotica" opens on Thursday, December 18th: a colourful and diverse display of holiday related erotica from several talented artists, writers and musicians from the US and the UK. Please join us for this lighthearted holiday diversion from more traditional midwestern yuletide fare that includes live music and readings of original written work by the authors. Opening reception is from 7-11pm. Refreshments will be provided. Patrons must provide their own ice due to local health department restrictions. Due to the sensitive/graphic nature of artwork and music at this show, it is 18 years old and over, unless accompanied by an adult.

Please join us Saturday, December 6th from 11am-4pm for a vendor show featuring talented local artisans, Children's characters from "Frozen", and a charity bake sale benefitting LaSalle promotional committee (LPAC)

Kristine's Shower is offering Christmas gift baskets and 2 for 1 bathbombs this December

January 17th: Original cartoon art sale and auction to fund the initial publishing costs of the children's book "Fartin' Martin" by local artist/cartoonist Jim Piraino. Piraino is a talented cartoonist and digital artist who has a comic strip entitled "Life of Judas", and has previously done artwork for Dreamworks. The event will feature a raffle of many desireable items, and as always, free food, entertainment, and refreshments - but bring your own ice.

We now feature a tapdancing stage/performance art platform.

Copies of Peggy's short story "My Gigolo Winter" in the book Do You Love Me?, a compendium of stories related to troubled underground writer Gene Gregorits, are available here


White Trash Gallery is always looking for new talent. Please contact Peggy at 815 993 0987 if you are an artist, writer, or performer and want to show your work.


About White Trash Gallery:

White Trash Gallery was established in 2013 by childhood friends Jenny Hoehn and Peggy Clydesdale as a venue to promote the arts in North Central Illinois. It is located at 139 Gooding Street in LaSalle, Illinois. Operating hours during the work week vary, but generally speaking we are open Thursday through Saturday from 11AM til 3PM. Please call 815 993 0987 for inquiries or private showings of artwork available. For inquiries about Kristine's Shower products, please contact Jenny Hoehn at 815 223-SOAP